Month: March 2019

A physio more commonly known as the physiotherapist. A physio is an individual who helps his patient in solving their problems and issues related to the physical problems. These physical problems could be in the result of any sort of the injury, or any kind of illness or is the result of any accident. This physical issue could either be the result of an aging factor. The job of the physio therapist is to deal with these problems and use various kind of techniques and therapies in it.  These techniques include remedial massage of The Sports Injury Clinic, collection of statistics and writing reports.  The work of the physio also involves the use of various equipment which helps in healing process of the physical disability of the patient. These tools commonly involve ultrasounds and electrotherapy. Along with this the job of physio also involves helping and assisting the nurses and the doctors.

This career has a great chance of growth. After gaining some experience the physio can even open up their own clinic and can even go to the research and teaching profession. The areas where physio works are hospitals, community centres. Special schools and mental health areas also require physio.

To be a professional physio you need to have a proper certification, the certificate that you require is given by the health and care professional council. This is the complete degree after which you get the certification and then you can continue your practice as the physio. This degree is usually a 2 to 3-year program. Before you get to this degree you need at least two to three A levels.

The personal level skills along with the study is also required if you want to excel in this profession. The common skill set of a physio includes the following.

The physio must have a good time management skill so that he manages all of his patients efficiently and each patient gets his proper time. Secondly the physio must be very good at communication because he needs to develop a conncetion with his patients and these patients may be from various kind of backgrounds and not only he needs to communicate with his patients but he also needs to maintain a contact with the relatives of his patients and the guardians or caretakers of the patient. The physio must have a good health and must be fit so that he can deal with the patients effectively and actively. He must have patience and tolerance and must have good team and interpersonal skills.